At Draftsmen and Artists our teams are thoroughly skilled in all phases of architectural drafting. We provide job captains, project managers, designers and draftsmen for any scale project. Our larger scale projects include the U.S. Customs House (NYC), the Beverly Hills Hotel (LA) and Point Moorea at the Wilshire Grand Hotel (LA).

Draftsmen and Artists can take your project from design conception to final product. We provide and manage draftsmen, inspect work for dimensional and aesthetic compliance with design criteria, and work with you to optimize your budgets and work schedules.

We have extensive experience in onsite work. For instance, we were responsible for all of the field dimensions and full-scale templates for the signature dining areas at the Beverly Hills Hotel and provided most of the design for the U.S. Customs House, in full scale, with chalk lines on the floors, walls and ceilings, thus bypassing the usual shop drawings and review process. Point Moorea, a bar/restaurant, is another example of Draftsmen and Artists taking a job from original conception to opening night.

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Draftsmen and Artists