Richard Hyatt was educated at the advanced placement program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and at the Cooper Union in New York. He has pursued post graduate work at UCLA and is the recipient of 2 Kaufman’s Goldkey Awards. Richard has authored several books and numerous magazine articles.

    He began his professional design career officially at the age of 18 as an applied patterns, textile and china designer for Lemeaú on Bleeker Street, while still a freshman at Cooper. Unofficially, he had been designing, building and selling his own furniture pieces since age 13.

    Currently, Richard teaches at Otis College of Art and UCLA Extension, where he holds classes in architectural drafting.

    Richard was owner/operator of ‘Shop Drawings’ in New York from 1984 until 1993, when he moved to Los Angeles and reconstituted his business under its new name ‘Draftsmen and Artists’.

    Throughout his career, Mr. Hyatt has always endeavored to work on both sides of the ‘design line’, that is, to alternate seamlessly between design and fabrication, between design drawings and shop drawings.

    “To be a good designer, it helps to know how things are built. To be a good fabricator, it helps to understand how things are designed.”

    Richard specializes in historic preservation, architectural millwork and fine fabrication. He has extensive on-site experience and is especially adept at full-scale layout. He designs, manages draftsmen, inspects work for dimensional and aesthetic compliance with design criteria and optimizes budgets and schedules.

    Mr. Hyatt ‘has rooms’ in all of America’s great cities, as well as work in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Great Britain. Some of his notable projects include Point Moorea at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, LA, the Maui Marriott, the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Polo Lounge, Trump Park South, Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf’s Men’s Store NY, the U. S. Customs House NY and the homes of many well-known celebrities.

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